Donnerstag, 23. September 2010


Facebook dosent work!!!!!
What am I suppose 2 do now? haha..
Yeah.. what did i do b4 I had facebook?.. ouh yeah I had a life :D..
No just kidn!

                             FOR THE WEEKEND
                                                                   2 BEGIN!
thihi :).. jeah wanna c my boyfriend again and just hang out with him and feel safe in his arms :)
38 months and stuff :D <3

Donnerstag, 9. September 2010

Dear Past..

Haha, but seriously.. Things happend a long time ago, right?!..
But can you always forget?.. Its so much easier to forgive.

I love, miss, adore, need, forgive you ;)

I went to school and had 6 hours .. it was okay, hey.
Still.. I am so tired every single morning! But just one more day and ITS WEEKEND.
So.. What are you guys doin' on the weekend?

Mittwoch, 8. September 2010


Let me just quickly explain my situation..
I am in a relationship for the last 3 years and its been always good.
But a year and 3 months ago I left my country to stay in South Africa for a whole year.. In the year he cheated on me and denyed it at first but later he admited it..
When I came back I was a bit confused.. what did he expect? It wasnt the first time than he messed around with another girl but we also broke up 2 years ago but just for 2 months..

Now there're so many questions in my head..
L.O.V.E.. what dose that mean? Love is a feeling that no one could put in words to descripe perfectly how it feels like, am I right?.. Love is strong and if you can feel it, you can be super duper happy.
A mothers love feels differently.. and also the way you love your pet or your best friend.

Yeah sure, love is good,. but not always,.. how many people commit suicide just because of a stupid boy/girl that broke up??
Another contra,. LOVE MAKES YOU CRAZY! But also in a positiv way.

Let just face it .. CON
  • You may have a broken heart
  • You get insane if you cant see your lovebird
  • You dont care about your friends anymore and spend every single day with him/her
  • If you fall out of love you have to break up .. and you hurt yourself and the person you loved once
  • You just feel lonely and sad when you're not around him/her
  • Uhm yeah.. you stalk on facebook :D
  • AND you are jealouse.. (if you say u dont, u lie;))
So .. that was the cons.. lets see how many PROs I can find..

  • You are happy and the people around you can see it
  • The feeling that you have someone that you can always talk to and have a shoulder to cry on
  • The way he/she makes you feel when you're with him/her
  • A lovely word can make your day
  • He/she is your best friend and lover
Love is good! Love is bad! Love is something that you have already inside you..
No one could tell that he/she dosent feel anything.. The day comes and you just fall in love..

So,. but what is love if you cant trust?
I think trust is one of the most important aspects in a relationship..
People,. tell me.. what do you feel at the moment? Am I right with the things that I say? Or am I just a desperat teeny trying to convince people from my own opinion? ;)..

I love the love :) <3