Samstag, 9. Oktober 2010


Trust is one of the most important things 2 me..
I hate it to find out things on my own.. 

Now I ask myself.. is it worth 2 hold on 2 something when somethings comes out all the time?!
It hurts me all the time and I question myself how long I can take it anymore..

To be honest I dont want to.. actually I wish I could shout into someones face and ask him/her what the hell he/she was thinking .. not telling me such stupid things..

It breaks the whole trust thing..
I am young and I went trhough so many things already.. isnt that weird??.. I mean.. I have the knowledge of a 30 year old woman..
Well exept for: having children, being married and have an own household haha..
Gosh.. cant belive that I turn 18 soon..

The last years since 2006 just passed by like super quick.
I dunno,. feels like I'm living my life and stand on the same spot for the last 6 years.. its crazy how things change and if you dont change in your mind it has to mean something, I guess.
I changed from the outside.. (barbie, emo, normal, boring)

Anyway.. still love my life.. 
Anyway.. still hate the way people lie
Anyway.. still want to talk about it
Anyway.. still gna scream at someone hahaha...

Noo.. not the last point .. I am paicient and have awesome friends.. who would never ever lie at me.. 

Montag, 4. Oktober 2010


So yeah.. I've got holidays :D..
But I guess its gna be supa dupa boring because I've got nothing 2 do and stuff..
have to study for spanish and maths.. gosh.. studying in the holidays.. thats like so lame.

On friday I was at home for the whole day.. but the weather was so nice, hey :)
My plan for saturday was actually so nice.. but it was so wierd haha.. anyway.. i went to my bf in the evening and later I went to a "club" but it was boring..
On sunday i spend the whole day infront of the freakn TV because I had nothing 2 do.. goooosh lame, lame, lame..

My fathers birthday is 2mrw and the whole family is coming :)...
cant wait 2 see them again haha..

well well well.. dunno what else to say because nothing really happend..