Sonntag, 26. Dezember 2010

It has never been so perfect

What can I say? So many things had happend but this time in a positiv way.
My boyfriend is so awesome and amazing at the moment,.. He's kind and friendly and so loveable!
I'm turning 18 soon and everything is just fine with my family.
I went through to much shit and it seems like as if everything is turning to the best now.

I still have doubts about some specific things!
But I should live my life and enjoy the great moments.

nah,. always when I hear the song I remember all the fun times I had at christmas!
This year it was a bit weird tho.
BECAUSE last year I was homesick and this year as well.
(I was in South Africa last year)
And what can I say,. after my awesome hostmum / whole family phoned me I've been smiling again.
I miss them so much and I never thought I could miss them the way I do..

School = fine
Family = fine
Boyfriend = fine
Friends = fine

So guys,. I hope you have some great days in 2010 left.
2011 is going to be kick ass :D

Much love..