Montag, 4. Oktober 2010


So yeah.. I've got holidays :D..
But I guess its gna be supa dupa boring because I've got nothing 2 do and stuff..
have to study for spanish and maths.. gosh.. studying in the holidays.. thats like so lame.

On friday I was at home for the whole day.. but the weather was so nice, hey :)
My plan for saturday was actually so nice.. but it was so wierd haha.. anyway.. i went to my bf in the evening and later I went to a "club" but it was boring..
On sunday i spend the whole day infront of the freakn TV because I had nothing 2 do.. goooosh lame, lame, lame..

My fathers birthday is 2mrw and the whole family is coming :)...
cant wait 2 see them again haha..

well well well.. dunno what else to say because nothing really happend..


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