Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011


Okay,. I got for my birthday the best presents ever.
My boyfriend gave me a super awesome amazing ring which is sparkeling like crazy from swakrovski
and I love it so so so much!..
My friend Laura (I have a blog with her as well) and my BF and I were upstairs when my mom called us down
and my present for my mom on her birthday was a song and then she and my aunt said something like "yeah u made a song for her so we made one for you" and then they began to sing and I blushed like crazy haha.
And the last part of the song I couldnt really understand it was something like "fly, Africa and a few days".
haha I looked at them and asked "what did you say?", and they startet smiling and were glad that their suprise worked out so well.
SOOO I'M FLYING 2 SA AGAIN on saturday :) really cant wait 2 see my "family" again hehe.

Gna miss my boyfriend like crazy.

Yesterday we went togerther with my mom, dad and bro to the ice hockey game from my cousin.
It was one of the two super important games but he lost it :'( yeah that wasnt sooo cool but hey,.
next weekend they have 2 win with 3 goals more then the others.
And I really think he can make it..


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